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EvaCoin token. EvaBonBons Bakery ICO platform — The World's first Bakery ICO
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Pre-Sale contract of EvaCoin is live now!

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You will get 100% bonus. Minimum investments is 0,5 ETH.


Today – it is business founded in 2014. Pastry cafe with a modern spacious workshop and delivery service in Moscow. Own production of modern confectionery products

Tomorrow – worldwide pastry chain powered by blockchain and managed by our investors from around the world. Modern and transparent business.

The goal of the Project is building of a unique international chain of confectionery cafes under the EVABONBONS® brand.

The essence of the idea is to make business transparent for all our investors and to show the investor all financial flows and technological processes in real time, as well as to give an opportunity to influence the company’s development strategy.

Financing will be done by creating and selling EVACOIN tokens in the ICO using smart contracts on the Ethereum platform.

To ensure transparency of internal financial and production processes of the company, an internal IT tool is being developed, in which the EVACOIN token will be used.

Benefits of EVACOIN investments

Popular product

We are baking modern confectionery products and focusing on products from natural, high-quality ingredients from the best suppliers from all over the world. Offer high level of service for our clients.


We built our history through the years beginning from 2014 and have earned the trust of such companies as Yandex and Coca-Cola.  If you’d like to excite our history look at our shared resources as a web site, Instagram or just ask Google about EVABONBONS. We also invite you to our first Cafe located in Moscow region.

IT solution for Industry

To enhance efficiency and performance of our business processes we are developing IT solution (Smart Investment Management Tool) with blockchain integration.

EVACOIN token economy

Depends on the stage of token purchase and bonuses received We forecast profitability of EVACOIN of 200-400% for 20 months. For those who purchased token on the pre-ICO or early ICO stages estimated period of full investments return is less than 20 months. We calculated the profitability of the token based on the purchase bonuses, additional token emission bonuses, as well as dividends paid.

Financial asset

Business founders invested more than $ 135k for the last 3 years. We passed 3 key stages and as a result we built our first café, have own pastry production and offer delivery service in Moscow. We did the first steps on the way to expand our business.

Brand ®

EVABONBONS is a registered trademark in the Russian Federation. Russian company holds Certificate №631359 as a Brand owner. Our strategic goal is to build international pastry chain.

Crowd insight

EVACOIN provides access to the IT tool which will allow investors to influence the business. So, we use both financial and mental investments of token holders.

Financial model

Based on the real statistic of the café, which is operated from May 1 we developed a detailed financial model which explains our plans and goals for the next 20 months. EVACOIN is not just idea. It is part of the business in the real world.


Reputation and trust are the currency of the future. And we are ready to invest in it by providing legal guarantees to our investors. We invite our investors to formally join the Company (brand owner) and receive a share of equivalent investments. Become project guarantors

SIMT - Smart Investment Management Tool

The core idea of EVACOIN is IT tool to enhance efficiency and performance of our business processes.

EvaBonBons Cafe

Pastry business and brand with a three-year history, own production of modern confectionery products according to the author’s recipes of the founder and pastry-chief Vera Osinina, operating pastry café.

Russia, Moscow region. Our first cafe concept is modern design, the abundance of light and space.

Be inspired by the history of how we built our first cafe in White Paper.
Official Russian site EVABONBONS®


Team Member
From concrete and dust

first construction work in cafe 2016

Team Member
When the dream

hard work and the faith of the founders

Team Member
to the concept

completely transformed space

Team Member
comes true!

and reality generates new dreams


From the dream to the first pastry café. It was difficult and at the same time interesting way of business formation.

First phase: 2012 – 2014

Home Bakery

The result of the first stage – we baked and sold home-made handcrafted desserts. We were driven by the dream, an abstraction without any cover. It’s worthwhile noting that most of projects are trying to raise funding (run ICO) at this stage. Not all decisions made back then were efficient, however, we gained priceless experience. We made mistakes, suffered out share of bumps and bruises, worked and earned money which we injected back into the business – in short, we were learning.

Second phase: 2014 - 2016

Setting up a delivery service

At this stage new corporate customers appeared, it became necessary to buy commercial equipment. We made considerable progress in terms of advertising efficiency and quickly reached maximum capacity. A few major lessons were learnt: the chosen area of business is highly lucrative, the demand in pastry made of high quality ingredients at a reasonable price is huge (due to limitations in production capacity we had to decline many orders).

Third phase: 2016 – 2017

Pastry Cafe with modern production opening

Modern pastry kitchen and first cafe were built, delivery service is working. Company attracts the first investments from a private investor in the amount of $30,000. Today our first investor is a member of our team possessing equal rights with the rest of the team members, a manager who does work on the Project remotely but very efficiently.

We made a decision to pay more attention to develop our own management tool, technical solutions, internal rules, technologies of making products, building a knowledge base with account to the way we see production and business processes should be. We learn how to work in the most efficient way.

Fourth phase: 2017-2018

Expand business in Russia. SIMT development

At this moment, we are here.

EVACOIN project is aimed at raising investments into the real business. We have calculated the precise amount of funds required for efficient expand of our business, this is the amount that we will be able to “digest”. Blockchain technologies, as well as principles and values of blockchain community allow us to attract investments into EVACOIN Project. EVACOIN provides access to the IT tool which will allow investors to influence the business. So, we use both financial and mental investments. The active phase of the Project is scheduled to January 2018. Investments are attracted to the operating business. We invite you to become a part of the EVABONBONS® team, to expand our experience with your financial and intellectual assistance and to expand business together.

Phase five: 2019-2020+

Return on investments obtained at ICO in the form of dividends. Additional issue of EVACOIN tokens, expanding the business. Franchise sale.

Forecasted date of investments return – June 2019 (18th month from the beginning of active phase of stage four). Once all investments will be returned additional token issue will be initiated for expand business to the international markets (up to $5m).

All token holders will get up to 100% bonus.

Each 15th day of the month 100% of operating revenue distributing between EVACOIN holders via smart contract.

Phase six

Return on investment obtained during additional issues of tokens in the form of dividends. IPO.

Conversion of tokens into shares. Further pastry chain expand.

Each 15th day of the month 100% of operating revenue distributing between EVACOIN holders via smart contract.


I have many ideas and ambicious plans. My dream for EVABONBONS is to show the way from the dream to the international chain. To show people around the world that you can if you believe it.

Interview for Forbes from pastry chef of EVABONBONS®



3 450 309 токенов

Ethereum ERC20 standard

Soft cap - $150k

Hard cap



Investments will be attracted trough ICO. We have accurately calculated the amount of investment that we can effectively use at this stage. Most of the raised funds will be spent to expand business which is the financial backbone of the Project and will generate operating profit.

The remaining funds will be spent on marketing and intangible assets creation (including SIMT), which initially will not work as a profit generation, but allow to accelerate the development of the pastry chain, make business processes open and transparent to investors. As a result will make project unique.

  • Bounty 3%
  • Sponsors 3%
  • ICO 78%
  • Team 12%
  • Pre-Sale 4%

Binus 100%



Just 4% of tokens available to purchase

Minimum transaction is 1 ETH

The collected funds will be spent on the Project’s advertising campaign in the media, ICO trackers registration.


Up to 50% bonus



73% of tokens available with different bonus system

Minimum transaction is 0,01 ETH

The collected funds will be spent to open 6 new pastry cafe in the different Russia cities, SIMT and franchise pack development. EVABONBONS brand promotion.


dividends to token holders



Up to 10% of the additional tokens issued will be distributed among the holders of the EvaCoin tokens issued at the initial placement as a bonus for entering the Project at an early stage.

The collected funds will be spent on expanding the business, entering international markets.


Token benefits

  • Each 15th day of the month 100% of operating revenue distributing between EVACOIN holders via smart contract.


We are the first company who offers new business model and new level of relationships with investors. In the industry, which today is undervalued by new technologies.


The strength of the EVABONBONS brand is philosophy and principles of founders.

Pastry-chef, IT professionals, people with experience in international investment projects, people with experience in stock exchange activities. We have excellent legal and economic support.

Team Member
Vera Osinina

Our leader / Pastry-Chef / Founder of EVABONBONS®

Team Member

C/C++/Blockchain/Solidity Expert

Team Member

CEO / Co-founder of EVABONBONS®

Team Member
Andrey Aedin

IT specialist, front-end developer. Blockchain enthusiast

Team Member
EvaBonBons emplyees

Cafe staff, designer, IT specialists, confectioners

Team Member

Chief commercial officer / Co-founder and first investor of EVABONBONS®


Primarily people who share our ideas and business approach. New advisers will join with project progress. The key people today.
Alexander Mikhaylov

EVACOIN adviser. Director of LavkaLavka (Moscow) which initiated BioCoin token as a loyalty token and rise $9m.

Alexander is an expert of payment banking systems and IT technologies in the field of finance. EVABONBONS and LavkaLavka are both represents real businesses in the restaurant industry. We invited Alexander as an escort to the EVACOIN project at a time when LavkaLavka was preparing her own project for the ICO.

We are driven by the same goal — cryptocurrency propaganda for the real business.

We met LavkaLavka (BioCoin token owners) in 2015 before one of the biggest market has been opened in MEGA (Ikea’s project) in the Moscow region. We were invited to open our first offline store to distribute our confectionery. On that moment our production was not ready to meet the demand.

On May 1, 2017 we opened our own café based on our own production and got support from Alexander Mikhaylov (director of LavkaLavka). Also, we support BioCoin and our friends will be supporting EvaCoin.

Team Member
Alexander Mikhaylov

EVACOIN adviser. Expert in payment systems and IT technologies.

Follow us and stay tuned

Below are the official groups of the project in popular social networks, messengers and forums. You can choose any convenient way for you to stay in touch with us and follow our news. ATTENTION! Beware of counterfeit resources and clones.

PR and other


Top questions from Bitcoin forum

Why this project uses block chain technology and what is your future development plan?

While reading comments in the RU thread we saw that some people perceive block chain linked to cryptocurrency and forgot that concept of the block chain is that many people can write entries into a record of information, and a community of users can control how the record of information is amended and updated. Likewise, Wikipedia entries are not the product of a single publisher. No one person controls the information.

So, the key principles of the block chain technology is transparent and trusted entries made by different people. Block chain built from 3 technologies: private key cryptography, p2p network and protocol (platform). This technology allows people to communicate in a new way.

Let’s simply imagine how it will be working for us. Wink

Just imagine that you are a Starbucks share holder. And as a share holder and investor you are interesting to receive true information about company’s activity. Because true information is a basis for correct analysis. Today such information is distributed through periodical reports generated by company’s employees. How do you think, what is the chance to get valid and undistorted information in this case?

Now imagine, that all key data is been regularly written to the block chain — to the decentralized database. This information 100% valid and can not be changed by someone’s decision. Returning to our example with Starbucks — you, as a share holder, will be getting information in real time. All what you need to do now is to make analysis and to make a decisions about your intentions to retain or sell your shares.

The next expected question will be — if I can do good analysis why I can’t give advises to the company’s management (even to CEO) on how to improve things in business and rise a share cost?

Both situations are not possible in the real world simply because company did not have technologies to do that. But now we have it and we are going to use block chain as a technology which simply give us opportunity to communicate with our investors and here their voice and opinion.

So, we, as a company offers you our token which will give you access to all key information (including financial information, information about management’s decisions, strategy, product production processes and other internal strictly closed information). Also out token gives you a chance to share your voice, your opinion or your ideas based on your own analysis of information which you have and see in the real time.

And important thing — if you don’t want to do any kind of analysis or don’t want to see company’s key information don’t use these opportunities and Just receive our dividends and trust management’s decisions and strategy.

I think, it will be good to say that we are the first company who offers this business model and new level of relationships with investors. In the industry, which today is undervalued by new technologies.

The greatest and the most efficient way to implement our block chain based IT tool is to do this in the real business and use it as a lab to test this tool. With your help.

Why hard cap is very low? For platform business hard cap $750k is very small, isn't it?

First of all, our business does not use platform business model. We are traditional non-platform Company with linear business model but at the same time we developed a unique business model. And you are right, platform business needs much more money for development.

So, if we turn over your question with new understanding of our business model hard cap $750k will be clearly reasonable. Some points «why: with facts (underlined) which allow us to save money:

— we built our first restaurant and bakery production and have cost of it (save on research).
— as business owners, we have strong calculation of everything what we promise (we have experience).
— we don’t use expensive services (which, for example, Ambisafe or ICOS offer) to promote our project because hard cap will be much higher in this way and who will pay for these services? Our investors. (it is reasonable to think about investor’s profit and future coin cost)
— we don’t use ICO to rise as much more money as we can because we know almost exact amount of money we need. (planned development)
— we know every point in our costings. From chair cost to taxes. Such knowledge are expensive. But we already payed to get them. (we spend our first investments wisely)

We will spend money exactly the way described in the WP and you can control the process because we will be building things in the real world. So, each of us can «touch» it. It is impossible to «hide» equipment, bakery staff, people, reputation, history. So, we are clearly opened here. And we consistently do the same way — built and ask for investments. Built and ask for investments. We use ICO stage to realize our expansion inside the Russia and present our innovative IT tool. We have clear plan of our actions described in the White Paper.

Which warranties I have as investor?

We believe that future will be built on trust. But we are ready to give our investors any kind of warranties.

For those, who decided to invest significant amount we offer an invitation to be registered as a holder of the authorized capital in the LLC which owns brand.

We will spend money exactly the way described in the WP and you can control the process because we will be building things in the real world. We have a strong plan.

Team already made investments in $135k and own registered trade mark.

Our doors are opened for anybody and our restaurant located in the Moscow region. You can visit it and see it.

With the faith to the sweet future!

Ask any questions

We will be glad to answer any kind of questions or receive your reserve for white list.

Moscow, Russia

Sokolnycheskaya pl. 4a
+7 (495) — 135 3123

Khimki, Moscow region

Sovkhoznaya 11
+7 (495) — 135 3123
Pastry Cafe by EVABONBONS